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Inside Pediatrics: Season One

In the first season of Inside Pediatrics, Children's Mercy invites you to follow along the incredible and moving stories of families as they share their journey. Grow inspired by a brother-to-brother kidney transplant, how cardiac surgeons perform emergency heart surgery on an infant, and how cutting-edge technology can give a young boy born with a cleft palate the chance to live a normal life.

Episode 1: A Ton of Bricks

On the premiere of Inside Pediatrics, parents and patients struggle to cope with devastating and unexpected diagnoses that hit them like a ton of bricks. Meet two families who rely on the expertise and compassion of physicians and nurses in the Elizabeth J. Ferrell Fetal Care Center to cope with the heartbreaking news that their unborn babies have life-threatening abnormalities, who we follow through the series. Go inside the operating room to watch surgeons remove a rare tumor from a young athlete’s heart. And learn about one of the country’s busiest medical transport departments, located in the heart of America at Children’s Mercy.

Episode 2: Finding Answers

On this episode of Inside Pediatrics, discover how the hospital's Center for Pediatric Genomic Medicine is improving outcomes for patients and children around the world. Take the next step from diagnosis to emotional delivery with two families who know their unborn children will need world-class care to survive. Find out why a young boy wears a magnet on his chest. And go inside the operating room as the cardiac team performs a fascinating surgery to help a baby born with half a heart.

Episode 3: Hoping for a Miracle

Children’s Mercy is one of the busiest, independent non-profit hospitals in the country. On this episode of Inside Pediatrics, go inside the delivery room to share the dramatic first moments of life for two infants born with life threatening conditions. Watch the highly trained care teams respond and treat these critically ill infants as their parents hope for a miracle. A pediatric plastic surgeon reconstructs the nose and lip of a little girl born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, giving her the opportunity for a better life. Then see how the Children’s Mercy nephrology team treats patients close to home.

Episode 4: Precious

At Children’s Mercy, every child is precious. But on this episode of Inside Pediatrics, you’ll meet a young girl with chronic liver disease whose nickname really is “Precious.” Watch as the physician who has taken care of her since the day she was born performs her intricate liver transplant. Check in on two precious newborns fighting for life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as their care teams balance the risk between life-saving surgeries and the babies' fragile conditions. And learn about a unique program that helps teens overcome a seemingly invisible, yet debilitating pain syndrome so they can return to happy, healthy lives.

Episode 5: World Class Care

Children’s Mercy mission is to transform children’s lives and redefine pediatric medicine around the world. On this episode of Inside Pediatrics, see how a surgical team invites colleagues from the Ukraine to go inside the operating room via telemedicine to observe a rare spinal surgery. Then watch surgeons straighten a teenage girl’s severely curved spine. Step into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to check in on our critically ill newborns and their families as they hold on to hope. One infant is fighting for his life because his underdeveloped lungs have stopped working, while the other baby undergoes surgery to repair a hole in her diaphragm.

Episode 6: Into the Future

On the final episode of Inside Pediatrics, Hollywood superstars from the Kansas City area come home to generate support for Children’s Mercy and share memorable moments with the real stars of the hospital, the kids. A dedicated physician does everything he can to improve the quality of life for a young boy battling rejection after a bone marrow transplant. After almost three dramatic months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, our two newborns and their families hope to move on.

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