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PHIT Kids is a weight management clinic for children and teens with obesity who want to make positive lifestyle changes. Our team of experts—pediatric weight management physicians, nurses, registered dietitians and a social worker—will work together with your family to find the most effective approach for your child’s specific needs.

Our main goal is to make sure your child is healthy. Carrying excess weight can increase the risk of other health problems, both now and in the future. We will spend time getting to know your child and family so that we can help you with weight management and address any other related health issues, too.

What to expect when you join the program


Before your appointment: orientation and lab work

When your child’s doctor recommends the PHIT Kids program for your family, you will start by attending a one-hour, online group orientation session called “Jump Start.” This session gives you an overview of weight management options at Children’s Mercy and provides tips for the next steps in your journey.

After you complete the Jump Start session, Children’s Mercy will contact you to schedule your first appointment with a weight management physician.

Your child’s primary care doctor may ask you to have your child’s blood drawn at a lab before your appointment. This allows your Weight Management team to see your child’s most recent cholesterol, liver function, and blood sugar levels.

Your first appointment with the doctor

Next, you will have a medical evaluation with a weight management physician. They will ask about your child’s medical history and current concerns related to their weight and health. The doctor will also talk with you about any other health conditions that may impact your child’s care plan.

Your doctor will talk with you about treatment options. Your family’s plan is specific to your needs, and may include:

  • Intensive lifestyle intervention
  • Family-based behavioral treatment groups for parents
    and kids (PHIT Kids for ages 10-17, Zoom to Health for
    ages 2-9)
  • Genetic testing
  • Medication
  • Bariatric surgery

Follow-up visits

At your follow-up visits, you will check in with your team on your goals and celebrate progress. They can help you talk through the challenges and limitations you encountered and look for how you can adjust and improve in the future.

Follow-up visits typically alternate between seeing your medical provider at one visit and your dietitian at the next visit. You can check in with your social worker as needed at your visits, too.

Research opportunities

At Children’s Mercy, we work to incorporate research studies with patient care. This allows you to receive the most current and innovative treatments and have an impact on others like you in the future.

Learn more about the Children's Mercy Research Institute.

Video introduction to PHIT Kids programs

Watch the video below to learn more about our two group programs, PHIT Kids and Zoom to Health. The video is available in both English and Spanish: