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The Metabolic/Bariatric Clinic cares for children and teens who have participated in weight-loss programs but still struggle with obesity.

We believe in treating the whole person, so our team includes specialists from several different areas of expertise. This clinic will give you the opportunity to explore all your options for weight management, including bariatric surgery, if you are considering that possibility. Together, we will help you improve your health and wellbeing through science-based weight management techniques.

Understanding your options and preparing for surgery

Bariatric surgery is one option that can help you achieve and maintain weight loss results. However, there are several steps in the process before you will be ready for surgery.

First visit

At your first visit, your care team will meet with you to assess your unique circumstances and talk through your options. The Metabolic/Bariatric Clinic team will meet with you monthly before surgery and weekly to monthly after surgery. A typical timeline is 9-12 months of appointments before surgery, but we will tailor your schedule to your specific circumstances. 

Adjusting your diet and lifestyle

We will help you gradually adjust to the diet and lifestyle changes that are necessary for success after surgery, including:

  • Understanding your body and its signals related to hunger, thirst and sleep.
  • Increasing the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Increasing your water intake goal to 80-100 ounces each day.
  • Building a daily schedule and tracking your day in a way that works best for you.
  • Evaluating your exercise needs to help you manage stress, improve overall health (including heart and liver health), and decrease hunger.
  • Working with a dietitian to learn about the diet before surgery as well as your post-surgical diet plan progression.

Support and follow-up care

Most people need counseling with a behavioral health specialist to help with the many changes to your life surrounding bariatric surgery and address any other mental health needs.

Our most successful kids are those who continue with follow-up appointments in the long term. While surgery is an important step in your journey, we will continue to care for you as long as needed after surgery, often for 3-5 years or until age 23.

Care team

Your care team at the Metabolic/Bariatric Clinic will typically include:

  • A pediatric and adult obesity certified physician
  • A pediatric and bariatric certified registered dietitian
  • A pediatric psychologist
  • A social worker
  • An exercise physiologist
  • A bariatric surgeon

Weight Loss Surgery

Learn more about the weight loss surgery program, including the gastric sleeve procedure, on our Bariatric Surgery page.

Research opportunities

At Children’s Mercy, we work to incorporate research studies with patient care. This allows you to receive the most current and innovative treatments and have an impact on others like you in the future.

Contact us

For more information or questions about the Metabolic/Bariatric Clinic, please call (816) 234-9231.