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Children’s Mercy is committed to supporting medical professionals and colleagues throughout the region with comprehensive, high-quality pediatric imaging services. Children’s Mercy offers diagnostic imaging equipment especially designed to accommodate children of all ages and sizes. 

Teleradiology staff

Our pediatric radiologists, technologists, sedation team and child life specialists are experts at alleviating fears and are committed to the Image Gently guidelines for low dose imaging. Our team of board-certified pediatric radiologists is the largest in the region and works with medical providers throughout the area to provide specialty consultation and diagnostic services for pediatric patients. 

Teleradiology programs and highlights

  • Children’s Mercy pediatric radiologists are available to partner with medical staffs of regional hospitals and/or family practices to read all pediatric studies from after-hour plain films to complex MRI

  • Children’s Mercy pediatric radiologists are available for consult to read film and images on a need-to basis for area pediatricians and/or family practices

  • Technologists are invited to shadow the hospital’s experienced sonographers and technologists. Children’s Mercy can offer suggestions on workflow and pediatric patient management to specific imaging techniques and advanced scan protocols

  • Children’s Mercy offers a range of seamless links to your facility from cloud-based connection for “PACS-less” sites to direct integration with your RIS/PACS system

  • Our network engineers can work with your site to design, configure and support the appropriate secure, high-speed, HIPAA compliant communication infrastructure. The end result is real-time flow of results and images

Accredited by the American College of Radiology

Children's Mercy has been awarded accreditation in all areas of imaging technology by the American College of Radiology. This represents the highest level of image quality and radiation safety.


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