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Beacon Clinic Consultative Services

We want to help rural community providers keep children with medical complexity in their home towns as much as possible. The Beacon Program is excited to announce our consultative services for children with medical complexity who qualify for our program but want to stay closer to home. 

Patients and families benefit from collaborative efforts to improve the outcomes and processes of their child’s care. Additionally, they benefit from the increased coordination of available resources including those designed to address social determinants of health such as socio-economic, psychological, and environmental stressors. Patients and families also benefit from opportunities for increased involvement and decision-making regarding the care experience.

Patients who qualify for consultative services

We can currently offer this service to patients with either Missouri Medicaid as their primary insurance or Kansas Medicaid as their primary or secondary insurance. Community consult patients need to live more than an hour from Kansas City. Local families should be referred for Beacon to become the primary care provider. Visits are performed with telemedicine and a Wichita, Kansas; Joplin, Missouri; or St. Joseph, Missouri; due to space limitations and grant/project funding. There may be an opportunity to set up telemedicine for these visits at a community provider’s office. Please note this on the referral form! For children with Missouri Medicaid, we are only accepting referral from private practices that are enrolled in the CARE Award. For children with Kansas Medicaid, there are no restrictions on the referring practices.

Benefits of consultative services


  • Support from providers who specialize in the care of children with medical complexity.
  • Annual two-hour comprehensive care visit via telemedicine with the patient and family.
  • A care plan will be developed and shared with the primary care provider, family, and patient.
  • The electronic medical record at Children’s Mercy will have updates made to the Problem list, Past, Family, and Social History sections.The
  • Beacon provider will create a Pediatric Emergency Form for the patient. This is a brief summary of the patient, their medical history, medications, allergies, specialists for use by emergency medical services and emergency room providers.
  • The Beacon team remains available to the primary care provider throughout the year to trouble-shoot or assist with needs or problems that arise. The primary care provider still remains the primary point of contact for the family, emergency needs and concerns as it is not our goal to usurp the provider in their much needed role. We only want to provide additional supports knowing that many practices do not have the additional resources that we can provide. 
  • A Beacon provider is available 24/7 to the community primary care provider for additional medical management support as needed.
    The ancillary Beacon team members are available to the primary care provider from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday – Friday to assist with social, dietary, or nursing needs. 
  • If a consult patient is admitted to Children’s Mercy’s Main Campus, a team member will visit with the family to help ensure that their medical needs are being met in line with their care plan. Additional recommendations can be made by the Beacon Program during this admission in formal consultation. The primary care provider will be informed of the patient’s progress and plan for discharge.

Consultative services for health care providers

The best strategies, care structures, processes, and outcomes result when patients, families and health care providers form trusting, caring partnerships and draw upon one another’s perspectives and experience. We are looking for community pediatric practices that are interested in working with the Beacon Program to partner in the care of children with medical complexity (CMC) to improve their care.

What are we asking from you?

  • Continue to care for children with medical complexity with Medicaid as their payer as you currently do.

  • Co-manage CMCs with Medicaid that are accepted into the Beacon program. You will remain the primary care provider, but now have the additional services and supports from the Beacon Team. 

We feel the consultative service offers an opportunity to demonstrate the true value of what we do for this vulnerable population of children. We hope you will join this important collaborative effort and help to transform the care for children with medical complexity in Kansas and Missouri. If you are interested in referring a patient, please complete the appropriate referral form below.

Forms for consultative services

We utilize two forms in our referral process:

If the patient that you are referring has any specialists outside of the Children's Mercy system, the Beacon Program will need to receive those outside records before being able to schedule the patient. The Beacon Program will also need records from the outside primary care provider. Please fill out the authorization for release of medical information form for each provider to ensure all records are received. In the "information to be sent to" section, please put the following information: 

Beacon Program 
Attention: Colette Liles
(816) 960-8040
Fax: (816) 302-9738
3101 Broadway 10th Floor 
Kansas City, MO 64111

Completed Authorization for Release of Medical Information Form can be sent via email, mailed to the address above, or dropped off by the parent. Please note that the Beacon program cannot pick up records.