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Equity and Diversity Council

The Equity and Diversity Council (EDC) was established in 2009 to guide organizational strategy and address issues related to equity and diversity at Children's Mercy. It was also created in response to a national problem – that of eliminating health inequities by providing the highest quality care to all patients.

The purpose of the Council is to:

  • To encourage equitable and respectful hospital and clinic environments for families and hospital employees

  • To promote a diverse hospital workforce

  • To support and increase cultural awareness and responsiveness in the hospital workforce

  • To enhance culturally and linguistically appropriate services for families

  • To assess and promote equity in health and health care outcomes for diverse patient populations

  • To collaborate with community groups seeking education and awareness of issues related to culture, diversity, and equity


The Equity and Diversity Council has four work groups comprised of inter-disciplinary staff and community volunteers.

Cultural Competency and Workforce Diversity

Recognizes and promotes the value of cultural diversity throughout CM. Further develops culturally competent staff, provides resources to empower staff to celebrate cultural differences and provide equitable care across the diverse communities we serve.

Family and Employee Experience

Initiates projects and activities related to the patient and family experience while in our system.

Inclusion and Diversity in Research

Provides advice and guidance for issues related to inclusion and diversity at the Children’s Research Institute. Helps develop policies and practices that enhance equitable selection and eliminate barriers to enrolling diverse subject populations and educate CM researchers on the importance of culturally appropriate recruitment and enrollment strategies. Attracts and retains the best talent to carry out Institute’s mission.


Focuses on accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Develops tools and strategies to help CM be responsive to the needs of individuals with different sensory, mobility, communication and cognitive abilities.

Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas

Brings together a diverse group of clinicians, volunteers and other staff to ensure that equity and diversity programming and strategies spread across CM campuses.

For additional information or to join the council please contact