CHAMP Program
The CHAMP program uses app-based technology to provide at-home monitoring of our patients.

CHAMP® Program

CHAMP® (Cardiac High Acuity Monitoring Program) is a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team that has been built to meet the needs of some of our most complex patients: babies who are born with single ventricle heart disease and are in the critical inter-stage period between the first and second stages of surgery. These high-risk single ventricle infants and their families receive support with home monitoring provided by the CHAMP team. An important part of our home monitoring program is our proprietary app, which is connected to a central database. 

We provide families with a tablet PC that has the app to enable nearly-instantaneous in-home monitoring and to improve communication during this vulnerable time. Learn more about how Children's Mercy developed this technology and used Microsoft products to bring it to patients and families. 

In 2017, Children's Mercy was honored as a recipient of a Microsoft's Health Innovation Award, which recognizes health organizations for using Microsoft devices and services in innovative ways that help engage patients, empower care teams, optimize clinical and operational effectiveness, and transform the care continuum.

For Parents

Parents are an important part of this team, engaged and empowered to assist in the medical care of their child when at home. The program depends on parents being involved and informed, taking a lead role in their child's care.
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Children's Mercy is seeking other institutions to join us in utilizing the CHAMP technology to its full potential in saving lives with the CHAMP Multi-Site Project. To determine whether you meet the necessary site requirements, visit our CHAMP site application page, or email for more information.

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