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Genetics Medical Education
Genetics Medical Education

Genetics Graduate Medical Education

Clinical Genetics Rotation

We welcome Medical Students and Residents to join us for a month's rotation with our Division of Genetics team. 

Program Experience

Students will:

  • Participate in the evaluation of patients in clinics and as inpatient consultation
  • Attend prenatal diagnosis clinic (off-site)
  • Spend time in the clinical biochemical, cytogenetic and molecular labs
  • Research an area of interest pertaining to a genetic condition and present a short summary of this research to the staff

Genetic Counseling Rotation

We welcome genetic counseling students to join us for 5-6 week rotation during their summer quarter/semester. Our ultimate goal for this rotation is that students will learn to function, with supervision, as the primary genetic counselor in a variety of clinical settings. 

For more information call (816) 234-3290.

Program Experience

The 5-6 week rotation will consist of:

  • Participation in gathering the prenatal, medical, and family history for patients both in a clinical setting as well as the inpatient setting.
  • Working in a variety of specialty clinics which may include: Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic, Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Clinic, Cystic Fibrosis Clinic, Down syndrome Clinic, Fetal Health Center, Metabolic Genetics, and Muscle and Nerve Clinic.
  • Documentation of clinic visits and correspondence with families.
  • Preparing and presenting a 15-20 minute talk focusing on an interesting case or diagnosis at our bi-weekly case conference.
  • Attending bi-weekly Radiology meetings focused on radiographic imagery from patients with both known and unknown genetic diagnoses.

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