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Measures and Outcomes
Measures and Outcomes

At Children's Mercy, we strive to continually improve the care we give patients and families by regularly measuring our performance. Measurement allows us to evaluate our performance, learn from past experience, celebrate our successes and improve upon the care we provide.

How We Measure

We measure the effectiveness of our performance in many ways, including: 

  • Outcomes. Outcome measures teach us, on a large scale, how the treatment we provide helps the patients we care for. 
  • Patient Feedback. This information helps us learn how we can continue to improve our patient-family centered focus. 
  • Process Measurement. For example, each year we strive to give the annual flu vaccine to all of our employees. We then measure what percent we were able to reach.
  • National Standards Comparison. We often evaluate how our care and services compare to national standards and benchmarks by analyzing other leading children's hospitals.

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