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Quality and Safety Framework for Improvement
Quality and Safety Framework for Improvement

Children’s Mercy uses a standard framework for continuous quality improvement that is referred to as the Continuous Quality and Practice Improvement (CQPI) Roadmap. 

A Roadmap for Improvement

This roadmap is derived from the Associates in Process Improvement’s Model for Improvement and the Institute for Health Care Delivery Research’s Modeling Processes Model that includes Juran’s Diagnostic and Remedial Journeys. In the roadmap, the continuous improvement process is defined by phases; initiating, investigating, identifying, and improving. Improvement tools are presented to help guide a project team through each phase of improvement, facilitating the team in achieving meaningful, measureable, and sustainable results. 

Improvement Tools

Examples of the tools include Project Charters for the initiating phase and various techniques for defining the problem in the investigating phase. Quality Improvement team members partner with families and staff to promote continuous improvement through communication, education and collaboration. Continuous Improvement education is available for all physicians, staff, students, trainees, and contracted employees at Children’s Mercy. 


Direction for continuous improvement education is provided by the Improvement Education Steering committee that includes representatives from Quality, Safety, Education, Graduate Medical Education, Pediatrics, and Nursing. The Improvement Education Steering Committee reports to the organization’s Education Steering Committee.

Roadmap for Improvement (pdf)

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