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Quality and Safety
Quality and Safety

Children's Mercy Quality and Safety

The Department of Quality & Safety at Children's Mercy Kansas City provides a systematic, integrated framework to support and continually improve the quality of patient care. We support the hospital's performance-enhancement efforts through planning, quality assessment and monitoring with continuous quality-improvement principles and methodologies.

Improving Care for Patients and Families

The changing needs of patients and families, the current health care environment, and The Joint Commission's Agenda for Change, mandate that all Children's Mercy staff continually improve all aspects of care and services. These improvements include measurable clinical outcomes, increased efficiency, timeliness, effectiveness and safety. Children's Mercy is also on the forefront of national efforts to improve the quality and safety of patient care as a member of the Hospital Improvement and Innovation Network.

Department Philosophy

To help the hospital and staff meet the mission and vision of providing the highest quality care to children and families through process planning, evaluation, facilitation and improvement.

Safety Strategic Initiatives

We strive to provide outstanding care to all of our patients and their families. In order to focus our improvement efforts and maximize our ability to provide the highest level of care, we have defined the following four priority areas:

  • Improve access to primary and specialty services
  • Reduce healthcare-acquired infections
  • Provide the appropriate level of care to patients based on their acuity and illness
  • Enhance the patient experience


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