Contact Center

The Children's Mercy contact center offers important services for community physicians including referrals and after-hours telephone triage.

Physician Appointment Line
Physicians and their staff may use this designated line when checking on the status of a specialty clinic appointment. Our nurses also help coordinate multiple clinic visits for patients. When scheduling follow-up appointments, please contact the clinic directly.
(816) 234-3700 / (800) 800-7300

Provider Resource Nurse

Do you need assistance scheduling a patient in a particular specialty clinic? Do you need assistance coordinating several specialty clinic appointments on the same day? Call (816) 234-3700 or (800) 800-7300 toll free and ask for the Provider Resource Nurse.

After-hours Triage Service

Pediatric-trained nurses handle after-hours calls for participating physicians. Benefits include:

  • Compliance with managed-care policies and procedures
  • Computerized documentation of each contact
  • Experienced pediatric nurses assist your families using nationally developed protocols reviewed by our own physician board
  • Local service
  • Reduced number of calls for on-call physicians
  • Staff flexibility
  • Timely handling of non-emergent situations

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