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Children’s Mercy operates several pediatric outpatient pharmacies to fill medications written by providers from Children's Mercy. Because we only serve children, we provide an extra level of safety and expertise.

Filling your child’s prescriptions


We only fill prescriptions for patients written by Children’s Mercy providers. If you would like to get your child’s medicine at a Children’s Mercy pharmacy, tell your nurse or provider and they will send the prescription to the pharmacy electronically. In some cases, they may hand you a printed prescription to bring to the pharmacy.

Your child’s medicine will be available to pick-up for 10 days from the time it is filled. After 7 days you will receive a phone call to remind you to pick it up. After 10 days, your medicine will not be available, and you will need to request a new refill.

Your first fill will need to be picked up at the pharmacy so our pharmacists can talk with you and answer all of your questions. Any remaining refills can be delivered to your home, if you’d like.

Refilling prescriptions


For quick and easy prescription refills, download the free RefillPro app available at the App Store and Google Play. Enter the pharmacy phone number and scan the barcode on your medicine bottle.

If you do not have your medicine bottle handy, you can call the pharmacy and request a refill. Refills will be ready for pick-up the next day.

If your provider did not give refills, then we will contact them to send us a prescription for refills. Please allow up to 3 business days for these medications to be ready for pickup.

Transferring prescriptions


We are happy to transfer prescriptions between Children’s Mercy pharmacies. Please call the pharmacy where you would like to pick up your child’s medication to make arrangements.

Antibiotics can be very helpful for treating some infections. But, it is important to use antibiotics only when they are needed. Antibiotics do not treat infections caused by viruses and should only be used for infections from bacteria.

Opioids are an effective option for pain relief after surgery or for the treatment of a chronic condition. However, they can also lead to addictive behavior and substance abuse problems in adolescents if not properly managed.

Naloxone (Narcan®) is an emergency overdose reversal medication. When used properly, it can instantly revive someone who is experiencing an overdose until medical help arrives.

View a list and contact information for the greater Kansas City opioid addiction treatment locations

View options and special instructions for disposing and storing medications.

It can feel as if our teenagers pay zero attention to what we say to them about drugs. However, research shows that parents continue to play an important and powerful role in shaping a teen’s attitude and behavior regarding drugs.

Financial Assistance

If you have questions about insurance, making payments, or financial counseling we are here to help.

Helping your child take medicine

Swallowing a pill is an important skill for children to learn. Just like any other skill it takes time and practice to master. Child Life Specialists are available to help with tips and pill swallowing techniques (PDF) - Spanish (PDF). If you would like help with teaching your child learn to swallow pills, please call (816) 983-6870.