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Children's Mercy contracts with many insurance plans and networks. Here is a list of plans Children’s Mercy contracts with and accepts. Please note, even if you have an insurance plan accepted by Children’s Mercy, it does not mean they will always pay or cover your medical care costs. Most insurance companies require a referral or prior-authorization before paying for services.

Children's Mercy is devoted to providing high quality health care and exceptional customer service for our patients and families. This commitment extends to the billing process and Patient Financial Services.

Children's Mercy accepts a variety of payment types. See the list of different ways you can pay at time of service or complete payment if you receive a bill.

Financial Counselors may be able to help families find programs to help cover the cost of medical services. Children’s Mercy gives financial help to those who meet the requirements of the financial assistance policy.

We're here to help you understand charges associated with care. We provide a comprehensive list of charges for each inpatient and outpatient service or item provided by Children's Mercy, not including professional services. See this list or find out how to contact us for a price estimate.

Learn how you are protected against certain surprise medical bills after getting care from out-of-network providers and facilities.

At Children’s Mercy, we understand that the billing process can be overwhelming, so we’ve created an outline of what to expect from our billing process.

Children’s Mercy offers a self-service patient estimate tool to allow families 24/7 access to estimate the out-of-pocket costs for their child’s care whether the child has insurance or not.

The guarantor as the person who is: Financially responsible for the patient. The primary contact for mail. The primary contact for clinical information. The legal guardian of the child. There can only be one individual listed as the guarantor for a patient. If you wish to change who is listed as the guarantor, please complete and submit this form.

We know understanding insurance benefits and coverage can be confusing and overwhelming, so we’ve defined some common insurance terms.

It is Children’s Mercy financial team’s commitment to support the quality and care for children, adolescents, and their families. Contact us before or after your visit.

Every child deserves the best care

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