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Tips for new moms – from those who have been there

Mom holding newborn baby on a chair

Becoming a mom for the first time is exciting…and sometimes, a little terrifying. You’re overwhelmed with love for your new bundle of joy, with the stress of taking on this new role, with questions that sometimes don’t have answers and the list goes on. It truly takes a village to raise a child, so we’ve tapped into our village of Children’s Mercy moms to share their advice, hacks and support for new moms.  


“Set short-term goals – things like taking a shower, eating a hot meal or drinking water.” – Katy 

“Connect with other moms! Don’t be afraid to make a new friend at the park or other places where families gather. Support from other moms will help you feel a sense of community and camaraderie, which is great for mental health with you have a new baby.” – Erika 

“I wish I knew how overwhelming guests can be so soon. Feel free to set boundaries beforehand of who gets to see baby the first few weeks. Also, people can come meet baby without holding them!” – Natalie 

“Take things day by day. You are a new mom learning how to be a mom. Your baby is a newborn and learning EVERYTHING.” –Katy 

“No baby book or classes will adequately prepare you. Trust your gut.” – Sharon 

“Learn to ask for help if you don’t know how. Raising a child and being the best woman you can be is a community effort.” –Jazmyne 

“The days may feel long (very long some days), but the years are short – enjoy every moment because it’ll go by fast!”– Marlene 

“Take the help, and don’t feel bad for needing help.” – Sara 


“Trying to get your toddler to nap? Turn on Bob Ross and nap on the couch. Works every time. Also works well for when they are up all night with a stomach bug.” – Mistie 

“Learn to swaddle with the baby blanket at the hospital.” – Marlene 

“Get a few good e-books to read instead of doomscrolling.” – Natalie 

“Teaching baby sign language to your little one is a great way to communicate when they don’t know how to talk yet. ‘More,’ ‘all done,’ ‘hungry’ and ‘drink’ were the signs we used, and it was a gamechanger.” – Marlene 

“When they are old enough for meals on the go, buy a shower caddy and put all their food in there. Easier to hold, fewer spills.” – Mistie 


“When they get a little older, around 10, they start to feel like a little friend, in addition to your child. We read books together, go shopping together – it’s so fun.” – Mistie 

“I’m constantly learning from my kids. How to be a better human, how to be more compassionate, how to be more patient—the list goes on.” – Sharon 

“Every stage of raising a child is adventure. While it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do, it’s also the most rewarding!” – Marlene  

“Give yourself grace. Parenting is difficult.” – Katy