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A thank you to nurses

Child using a thermometer on a nurse

Nurses do more than care for their patients medically. They are the hands the patients hold during times of uncertainty. They are the source of comfort and expertise families travel miles for. Their unwavering strength, commitment to their patients and inspiring work is why Children’s Mercy is Built for Kids. Nurses Week is their week to be recognized, however, the impact they make on their patients and their families is celebrated today and every day.  

"I love Children's Mercy! I have never had a bad experience, only wonderful experiences. As wonderful as an ER with children can be, that is. I love the nurse line immensely, as well. I think they do their very best to help, in any way they can. I've never felt they've unnecessarily sent me to the urgent care! I wish they made adult hospitals like this!" - Parent of a 7-month-old, Children’s Mercy Kansas Emergency Department 

"Everyone at Children's Mercy has a way of making your experience and your hospital stay as painless for you and your child as possible. They are life changers. Devoted, dedicated and just excellent professionals, yet you feel like they're not strangers." – Parent of a 15-year-old, 4 West Medical-Surgical Unit 

"My daughter had a great experience. She has not done well in the past with her eyes being dilated. The nurse helped put her at ease and dilated her eyes with minimal issues. Both the nurse and Dr. Johnson helped her ease her anxiety by showing her what she was doing first and making accommodations to what my daughter needs. They were both outstanding with my daughter." – Parent of a 7-year-old, Ophthalmology 

"Everyone who cared for my child was wonderful. They all talked to her and explained what was going to happen in a way that she could understand. Everyone answered all her questions and took time to make her feel comfortable and less scared. After a long day in the Kansas Emergency Department, I was happy to have the surgery process quick and easy. Thank you again to everyone who made contact with my daughter." – Parent of an 8-year-old, 3 West Medical-Surgical Unit  

"Nurse Katie was wonderful. We had to wait 30 minutes for the topical lidocaine to take effect. In that time, Katie brought a popsicle in to help distract from the time. It made my child so happy!" - Parent of a 9-year-old, Urgent Care 

"The nurse and exercise physiologist were very respectful to my teenage son as he felt very awkward in the situation. They were very encouraging and explained things well all along the way. It went quite well. Thank you." - Parent of a 13-year-old, Cardiac Lab

"The main nurse who checked us in and was doing everything leading up to going into the OR was extremely amazing. She went above and beyond the call. Everybody was amazing but she was exceptional and so I just want her to just get praise and thank you." - Parent of a 5-year-old, KS Surgicenter  

"My son went in for an ultrasound. Radiology staff were kind, respectful, and they spoke to my child, not just me. The lady who did his ultrasound explained everything to him, asked if he was okay and asked him if he had any questions. And then she even helped us find our way back to the bridge so we could get back to our car. Honestly, she went above and beyond. I've never had any issues with Children's Mercy though. Everyone has always been amazing anytime I've had to take my kiddos there. Proud to have this hospital for our children in the community." – Parent of a 14-year-old, Radiology   

"Nurse Cameron was really a good nurse to my son. He was awesome and he made sure that he was taken care of. He went above and beyond to make sure my son felt safe and was comfortable. Overall, it was a good experience for this day at the hospital." - Parent of a 12-year-old, 6 Henson Medical-Surgical Unit 

"We felt very taken care of by the nurses and staff during our stay. Sydney and Shannon were among the handful of our nurses that were truly so impressive at their job. They went above and beyond to make us feel heard, treating our child individually and keeping her the most comfortable during our stay. We're so grateful for everyone who played a part in the care and healing of our baby girl." - Parent of a 2-month-old, 4 Sutherland Medical-Surgical Unit 

"I had brought my son in in somewhat of an emergency situation, where neither of us knew what to do. It was almost closing time, but the front desk staff got us in quickly and efficiently. Every nurse and doctor we saw after that contributed greatly to my son's ease and comfort and treated us at all times with respect and care. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have been treated so well by every member of staff."  – Parent of 13-year-old, Urgent Care 

"Everyone we interacted with was fantastic during our visit today. My son had hit his head, so it was bleeding badly when we arrived. The triage nurse was great. The room nurse, Erin, was so friendly and explained to my son what she was doing every step of the way - that really helped him to not be nervous, and she distracted him with conversation. The nurse practitioner, Emily, who administered the staples was also wonderful. He walked out of there a happy kid with a popsicle, a Gatorade, and a new shirt. Thank you to everyone who helped us today - it is so nice to be in good hands when you need help." - Parent of a 7-year-old, Urgent Care