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Flu season is here: Shaping up to be longer, more severe

Girl in bed with thermometer

Earlier this year, we shared a blog about the importance of getting your flu shot. (Click here if you missed it.) Since our team at Children’s Mercy have seen more cases of influenza earlier than usual, we wanted to follow up on this important subject.

Seeing cases earlier than usual is an indication that this flu season could be longer and more severe than normal. In the video below, Angela Myers, MD, MPH, Director-Division of Infectious Diseases, explains the current situation and provides reminders on precautions everyone should take to reduce the risk of getting sick or spreading germs.

Reminders include:

  • Get your flu shot;
  • Cover your cough;
  • Wash your hands; and
  • Stay home if you’re sick!

Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Director, Division of Infectious Diseases