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Critical Care Transport Coverage Area and Heliport Details


The Children's Mercy Critical Care Transport Program has two bases currently at Children's Mercy main campus near downtown Kansas City, Mo., and at Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas in Overland Park, Kan. 

Fourteen ground ambulances move between the two bases while the helicopter, King Air turbo prop and Lear jet aircraft are hangared at the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport located three miles northwest of Children's Mercy. Transport crews rotate through the airport as well as the two hospital bases based on availability.

Children's Mercy Critical Care Transport provides support to health care providers and facilities throughout Missouri and Kansas, as well as nationally and internationally. The transport team members are committed to providing exceptional, cutting edge family-centered care for all patients from the moment they reach the bedside, throughout the transport until they reach their destination. The mode of transport utilized for each transport is determined primarily by patient acuity, distance and weather. 

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Heliport information

Children's Mercy Adele Hall Campus

2401 Gillham Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64108
FAA Designation: 75MO

Helipad location

The Children's Mercy dual roof-top helipads are located on the top of a six-story building near the center of the main hospital campus.

Children's Mercy Hospital is located one mile south of downtown, and 1,000 feet southeast of the Sheraton Hotel.

N 39° 05.025 W 94° 34.621

1035 feet

Primary ingress/egress routes from the north, west or south

Helipad information

Twin 50ft. X 50ft. Elevated aluminum helipads.

Perimeter Lights:
Pilot Activated: Radio Frequency 125.05 mHz
Three (3) clicks for perimeter lights on
Five (5) clicks for flood lights on (after landing)
Three (3) clicks for flood lights off (prior to takeoff)
Note: Perimeter Lights are on 24/7; flood lights still must be activated if needed

Primary utilization for all incoming aircraft will be the north helipad - contact the transport communication center for availability.

Transmit Freq: 468.6 mHz
Receive Freq: 463.6 mHz
PL Tone: 146.2

Helipad weight limits: 15,000 lbs. each helipad
Maximum Capacity: Two helicopters
Restricted Use: Military Blackhawk and Huey helicopters
Automatic snow-melt system

Contact information

Transport Communication Center: (800) GO MERCY or (800) 466-3729
Security: (816) 234-3340

Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas

5808 W. 110th Street
Overland Park, KS 66211

Helipad location

The Children's Mercy Kansas helipad is located on top of the 6th floor Patient Tower.

The hospital is located approximately 1,000 feet to the east of the Overland Park Convention Center and 500 feet to the south of Interstate-435.


N 38° 55.790 W 94° 39.145

Helipad information

Perimeter Lights:
Pilot Activated: Radio Frequency 123.05 mHz
Three (3) clicks for perimeter lights on
Five (5) clicks for flood lights on (after landing)
Seven (7) clicks for flood lights off (prior to takeoff)
Lights may also be manually activated by wall switches inside the hospital

Wires that run east to west just to the south of Interstate-435

Automatic snow-melt system
Helipad weight limit: 12,000 lbs.
Maximum Capacity: One helicopter
Restricted Use: Military Blackhawk and Huey helicopters

Contact information

Transport Communication Center: (800) GO MERCY or (800) 466-3729
Security: (913) 696-8140

Helipad at Children's Mercy Adele Hall Campus
Helipad at Children's Mercy Hospital Kansas