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Access Smartsheets

Smartsheets is a computer system for authorized users only.  You are required to protect the confidentiality of all information accessed through this system.  Logins and usage activity are logged.

Smartsheet meets HIPAA requirements and is approved to store patient information.  For each Sheet/Workspace that contains PHI, the Owner must:

  1. Complete a brief questionnaire

  2. Store only the minimum necessary PHI

  3. Limit access to only those users who need to know

  4. Restrict who can Share the Sheet/Workspace (preferably only the Owner can Share)

  5. Ensure no Smartsheet Add-Ons are used

  6. Send Smartsheet links via email only -- Send as Attachment feature is prohibited for PHI

  7. Review each Sheet’s Activity Log and Users on a regular basis, and report any access incidents to

See Smartsheet’s HIPAA Implementation Guide for additional guidance.