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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

At Children's Mercy, our critical-care medicine specialists and experienced pediatric nursing staff care for patients 24 hours per day with 41 beds at the Adelaide C. Ward Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Your child will be monitored continuously and our pediatric intensivists react immediately to changes, making appropriate adjustments in treatment, improving outcomes, and reducing patient length of stay.

Pediatric intensivists and neonatologists direct Children's Mercy Transport, one of the nation's leading specialty transport systems for critically-ill pediatric and neonatal patients.

Advanced pediatric care

Our team provides in-house support for 30 medical and eight surgical areas of the hospital. This collaborative approach ensures that your child will receive the best care and all the benefits offered by a leading children's hospital.

We actively conduct research in pediatric critical care so we can implement the latest treatments and technology in caring for the children who come through our doors.

Clinical Services

  • 24-hour care provided by in-house board- certified pediatric critical care medicine specialists

  • Advanced monitoring and life support technologies including:

    • High frequency oscillation ventilation (HFOV)/All modes of ventilator assistance

    • Invasive intravascular/intracardiac techniques

    • Intracranial pressure monitoring

    • Bedside dialysis/renal replacement therapy

    • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)

  • In-house consultation for 30 medical and eight surgical pediatric subspecialties

  • Clinical research in a variety of areas related to pediatric critical care

  • 24-hour ground and air emergency pediatric critical care transport:

  • Consultations to initiate patient stabilization and arrange patient transfer are provided by critical care specialists

Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room accommodations for patient families

Outreach and Support Services

Community and professional educational seminars on critical care and transport topics available upon request.


  • Acute single and multiple organ system failure

  • Assisted ventilation of acute and chronic respiratory failure

  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome

  • Brain injury

  • Chronic organ failure

  • Congenital heart disease

  • Diabetic ketoacidosis

  • Encephalitis

  • Increased intracranial pressure

  • Inhalation injury

  • Meningitis

  • Metabolic derangements

  • Poisoning

  • Post-operative recovery

  • Pre-operative stabilization

  • Septic shock

  • Solid organ transplantation

  • Status asthmaticus

  • Status epilepticus

  • Traumatic injuries


Inside Pediatrics: Zei's story

After a mysterious illness ravages Zei’s lungs and leaves her fighting for life, the critical care team re-invents its life support protocols to push the limits of medicine to give her a chance.

Contact information

Health care professionals

Admissions, consults, and transports 
1 (800) GO-MERCY (466-3729)
Visit our Provider Portal to request a consultation.

The inspiration behind our unit

The transformative care at our pediatric intensive care unit is made possible thanks to the generosity of Adelaide C. Ward.