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Ophthalmology and Optometry Team Members and Roles

The Ophthalmology and Optometry Department at Children's Mercy Kansas City is made up of different team members. Learn who the team members are and what they do below:

  • Technician. The technician will collect all of your medical information and get you ready for the doctor. They also might be in the room with the doctor assisting them with parts of their exam and be able to give you next steps after your visit.

  • Student/resident/fellow. Children's Mercy is a dedicated learning hospital. We have many students, residents and fellows in our clinic that work closely with your doctor. These individuals might come in to take a quick look prior to the doctor coming in or they might just join the doctor in the room for their exam. 

  • Orthoptist. An orthoptist undergoes specialized training to measure vision and eye alignment as well as treat poor vision with patching therapy. Orthoptists often assist doctors during their exam and may come in to take special measurements prior to exam. If needed, you may even have a separate appointment scheduled with an orthoptist.

  • Doctor (pediatric ophthalmologist and/or pediatric optometrists). The doctor oversees all students, residents and fellows. They will perform a full exam on the patient and decide next treatment steps.