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A growing number of kids experience frequent headaches. More than 40,000 children in the Kansas City metro suffer from moderate-to-severe headaches, which can be debilitating and impact their quality of life.

Often, parents wonder when to see a doctor for a headache. We understand that getting the right treatment, at the right time, in the right setting is important when it comes to managing your child’s headaches.

Experts in headache care for kids


The team is led by Dr. Jennifer Bickel, one of the few board-certified headache specialists in the country and an innovative leader in the field of neurology. She has developed an intensive training program for everyone on the care team to ensure the highest quality of headache care for your child.

Mark Connelly, PhD, is an internationally renowned pain psychologist who co-directs the Comprehensive Headache Clinic with Dr. Bickel. He brings extensive knowledge and research into how a child’s mood, environment, and stress levels can contribute to headache pain.

The Headache Clinic team includes highly trained physicians, nurse practitioners, and other allied health professionals, including uniquely certified specialists like Dr. Anna Esparham and Dr. Jennifer Dilts, both board-certified medical acupuncturists. They are committed to continuously improving headache care through education, advocacy, and research.

You may be able to help us in these efforts by volunteering to participate in our ongoing research studies. 

Meet our headache expert, Dr. Jennifer Bickel

Clinical Services

Timely, personalized care in a headache-friendly environment. Are you looking for relief from today's headache? Consider the Headache Treatment Center as an alternative to an urgent care center. Appointments open up 48 hours in advance so we can make every effort to see you in the clinic as soon as possible.

Answers for children with persistent headache pain. Would you like expert guidance for your child's frequent headaches? Work together with our headache-trained specialists to develop a plan for headache care and management. No referral is necessary.

Treatment Options

Treatment plans will be based on the best available, evidence-based therapies for treating headaches in children. Opioid pain medications are not prescribed by our clinic, since research has shown that these medications can actually lead to worsening problems with headaches. Learn how our headache specialists use acupuncture to relieve headache pain for some patients.

We look at all available options, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical, to find what works best for your child. Personalized treatments may include:

  • Rescue medications — specifically designed to stop a headache that is in progress

  • Prevention medications — used on a daily basis to prevent headaches

  • Nutraceuticals — products derived from food sources, such as magnesium or riboflavin, that have additional health benefits related to headache management

  • Cranial nerve blocks — an injection of numbing medication to help break the cycle of headaches

  • Botox® — a series of injections for children with chronic migraines that don't respond to other treatments

  • IV infusions — including magnesium, fluids and other medications such as migraine-specific DHE

  • Cefaly® — an external trigeminal nerve stimulation (e-TNS) device that attaches to the forehead and sends electrical signals to treat and prevent migraine headaches

  • Self-regulation and biofeedback — learning to understand and respond to your body's signals

  • Acupuncture — careful placement of very small needles by a board-certified medical acupuncturist 

  • GammaCore ™ - a non-invasive device used on the neck to stimulate the vagus nerve to relieve headache pain. Each treatment is two minutes long and can be used several times during a session

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