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Prepped and Ready: Parenting into the Teen Years

What is Prepped and Ready?

Prepped and Ready is a presentation to help equip parents for the transition into parenting teenagers. We understand this transition is a time of tremendous change for teens and it can be overwhelming as a parent to know how to help. Prepped and Ready aims to help you learn what steps you can take before a crisis develops with your teenager. We seek to empower you to address the hard topics that can be very uncomfortable and we talk about changes each one of us can make within our own homes to make them safer.

The Prepped and Ready presentation was developed after Shayla Sullivant, MD spent many hours with families in crisis at Children's Mercy. After providing advice to parents on the next steps to take, many parents asked an important question: Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this sooner?

The Prepped and Ready presentation provides a brief overview on the following topics, with an emphasis on suicide prevention:

  • Eating disorder prevention
  • Home safety (including storage of firearms, medications, etc.)
  • Screen time
  • Self-care
  • Substance use (including vaping)
  • Suicide prevention

As a parent, you face new challenges that our parents never encountered, but there are steps you can take that make a difference. Prepped and Ready can address problems before they become too big and together, we can take steps to prevent tragedies from happening within our own homes.

Dr. Sullivant provides practical strategies for parents on a variety of topics that are relevant to raising children. You don't want to miss this informative talk. She shares so much valuable information.

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Register for an upcoming online presentation:

October 26, 2020 – 6:30 p.m. Register for the virtual presentation at Pembroke Hill School.

November 10, 2020 – 6:00 p.m. Register for the virtual event sponsored by councilwoman Ryana Parks-Shaw, 5th District and Kansas City Public Schools.

December 8, 2020 – 7:00 p.m. Register for the virtual event sponsord by ADHD KC.

Video resources

For a brief look at the Prepped and Ready presentation, along with some information on suicide prevention and gun safety, watch the videos below done in partnership with Collaboration for a Cause and Lock It For Love (LIFL).

View the Collaboration for a Cause video


View the Lock It for Love video

For more information or to contact Prepped and Ready, please email

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, University of Kansas School of Medicine