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ADHD Summer Treatment Program

Summer 2022 update


Vaccination (immunization) requirements: We require all Summer Treatment Program participants to have up-to-date vaccinations, including the COVID-19 vaccination. By having vaccinated participants, we create a healthy learning environment and decrease the risk of spreading infections among campers and staff.

Summer Treatment Program


Are you looking for something more than medication to help improve an ADHD child's behavior? The Children's Mercy Summer Treatment Program (STP) for ADHD offers an award-winning comprehensive treatment program for children's behavioral, emotional and learning problems. Designed for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and related problems, this program incorporates a set of evidence-based treatments into an seven-week, therapeutic summer day program.

The original Summer Treatment Program for ADHD has a proven track record of results for thousands of children and families.

What is the Summer Treatment Program?

For Kids

Something more than medication to help improve an ADHD child’s behavior. Children’s Mercy Summer Treatment Program is an seven-week, therapeutic day program designed for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related problems. The program offers an award-winning comprehensive treatment that is tailored to each child’s behavioral, emotional and learning difficulties. While the Summer Treatment Program is highly structured and emphasizes treatment, most children enjoy the program tremendously, as they would any summer program.

For Parents

The Summer Treatment Program also provides meetings with parents to discuss ADHD treatments and give parents the tools to extend the gains from the program to the child’s natural environment. The sessions help parents work with their children to change unacceptable behavior at home, reduce noncompliant and disruptive behaviors, improve homework task skills, and improve relationships with parents and siblings.

How will the program help?

STP will help to develop the child’s problem-solving and social skills, and help the child gain the social awareness necessary to enable him or her to get along better with other children. The program will develop the child’s abilities to follow through with instructions and complete tasks. The program will improve the child’s classroom behavior and self-esteem and help maintain academic performance. STP will help to teach parents how to develop, reinforce, and maintain these positive changes.

Who is eligible?

Children in kindergarten through fifth grade are eligible to participate in the program, with enrollment limited to those who meet certain criteria. Referrals can be made by school personnel, mental health professionals, physicians or parents.

Program staff

The program is implemented by highly-trained, undergraduate and graduate students, students pursuing advanced degrees in psychology, and educational specialists. Psychologists and behavioral analysts supervise the psychosocial and behavioral aspects of the program. In general, there are six staff members for every group of 15 children. If medically indicated, the Summer Treatment Program staff will also evaluate the effectiveness of the child’s medication. The program uses only treatments that have been well-documented and shown to be effective through research. However, our program staff continues to carefully evaluate treatment effectiveness, both at the individual level and for the program as a whole.

What is a typical day like?

Each group spends 90 minutes in a classroom setting with a licensed teacher. These teachers carry out behavioral modification programs designed to improve classroom behaviors. The remainder of each day consists of recreational group activities including sports and art.


Enrollment for Summer 2022 is open now. Please call (913) 696-5735 to begin the intake process.

Parent and family support for ADHD

We have Behavioral Parent Training groups for parents of school-age children with a diagnosis of ADHD (6-12 years old) and for preschool children with a diagnosis of ADHD or who are highly suspected to have an ADHD diagnosis (3.5- 5 years old). The group sessions are 90 minutes long and run once a week for 8 weeks. The groups are for parents only, children do not attend.

These groups are currently being offered virtually via Microsoft Teams.