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Medical Records

The Children’s Mercy Health Information Management department maintains medical records for our patients.  

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How to request medical records

Parents and legal guardians may request the release of their child’s medical information by filling out an authorization form. The authorization must be signed by the patient's legal guardian or the patient, if the patient is 18 years or older. Authorizations must be dated within one year of receipt and are good for up to one year until completed. Once a valid authorization is received, we will respond to your request within 30 days.

Pertinent information

There is no charge for receiving pertinent information. Pertinent documentation includes all documentation pertaining to doctors' diagnoses, test results and treatment for the last two years.

Payment for complete medical record

There is a charge for receiving a complete medical record. All charges are listed in the table below.

How record is stored How record is released Fee
EMR CD or email Labor for copying + supplies (CD) + postage = fee
EMR Paper Labor for copying + supplies + postage = fee
Hybrid (paper and EMR) CD Labor for copying + supplies (paper & CD) + postage = fee
Paper CD $24.85 base fee + $0.57 per page = fee
MO state fees (Section 191.227, RSMo effective 2/1/17)
Paper Paper $24.85 base fee + $0.57 per page + fee
MO state fees (Section 191.227, RSMo effective 2/1/17)


Labor Fee
Copying $12 (based on average labor costs for copying to fulfill standard access requests)
Supplies CD: $1; Paper: $2
Postage (waived if records are picked up) Small envelop of only discs: $2
Large envelop: $7
Box: $10
FedEx Actual cost

HIPAA Authorization Third Party Request

Labor Fee
Records provided in any format $24.85 base fee + $0.57 per page
$108.88 max for records on disc
MO State Fees (Section 191.227, RSMo effective 2/1/17)

All Requestors

Item Fee
Radiology disc $20 per disc
Photos on disc $5 per disc


The Health Information Department will mail you an invoice before mailing the medical record request. You may pay by cash, check, money order or credit card to the Children's Mercy cashier located at each Children's Mercy location.

If copies are to be mailed to a doctor, hospital, or school, there is no charge.

Forms to request copies of medical records be sent to another organization

Patients, parents or legal guardians may request copies of medical records by using one of the release forms listed below.

If you want Children's Mercy to send medical records to another organization, use the following forms: 

If you want another organization to send medical records to Children's Mercy, use the following forms:

Connect your health management apps       

Children’s Mercy will soon be offering the ability to connect your health record to some of the health management apps you may use. For example, if you use Apple’s Health app, you may be able to view some of your health data from the MyChildrensMercy patient portal on the Apple Health app. This new process will provide access to your health and wellness data in the connected app, enabling you to make informed choices.

Interested in connecting your health management app to your medical record?

Keeping your information private is very important to Children’s Mercy. Because of this, we ask that you share which app you would like connected to your patient portal. You may share this with us through the form below. From there, we will follow a thorough process to make sure any health management apps we connect with the patient portal are reviewed for security. We will follow-up with you as quickly as possible.

Request your health management app be connected to Children’s Mercy

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