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Charges for Complete Medical Records

Right of Access Request (Patient Directed)

Children’s Mercy strives to provide timely access to your medical records. To do so, Children’s Mercy requires a valid authorization.

Children’s Mercy has determined record request fees as provided below. The determination is based upon how/where the records are stored, the medium, postage and labor costs.

If you need assistance in determining the fees related to your request, please contact Health Information Management at (816) 234-3455. Summary requests are provided at no cost. Summary requests will depend on the request.

How record is stored How record is released Fee
EMR CD or email Labor for copying + supplies (CD) + postage = fee
EMR Paper Labor for copying + supplies (paper) + postage = fee
Hybrid (paper and EMR) CD Labor for copying + supplies (paper & CD) + postage = fee
Paper CD $24.85 base fee + $0.57 per page = fee
MO state fees (Section 191.227, RSMo effective 2/1/17)
Paper Paper $24.85 base fee + $0.57 per page + fee
MO state fees (Section 191.227, RSMo effective 2/1/17)


Labor Fee
Copying $12
Supplies SuppliesCD: $1
Paper: $2
Postage (waived if records are picked up) Small envelope of only discs: $2
Large envelope: $7
Box: $10
FedEx Actual cost

Children’s Mercy reserves the right to increase the costs at any time. To request fees be waived due to a financial hardship, call (816) 234-3455.

HIPAA Authorization Third Party Request

Labor Fee
Records provided in any format $24.85 base fee + $0.57 per page
$108.88 max for records on disc
MO State Fees (Section 191.227, RSMo effective 2/1/17)

All Requestors

Item Fee
Radiology disc $20 per disc
Photos on disc $5 per disc