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Financial Matters Financial Assistance FAQs
Financial Matters Financial Assistance FAQs

Financial Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can’t afford the payment arrangement that was offered by Customer Service. Can I apply for financial assistance?
    • Yes, you can be screened for Children’s Mercy financial assistance and other qualifying programs.
  • I owe Children's Mercy money for previous visits. Can I still bring my child to their appointments pending financial assistance determination?
    • Yes, you may keep your appointments. You will still be asked for copays and any applicable self-pay deposits until your financial assistance has been determined.
  • Will I receive bills while my financial assistance application is pending?
    • Yes, you will still receive a billing statement until a payor source is in place.
  • I sent a payment in towards my account balance, but my account was still sent to collections. Why am I being asked to apply for financial assistance?
    • More than likely, there is an unresolved balance. Please contact a financial counselor by email: admfc@cmh.edu or by calling 816-234-3567.
  • Why am I being asked to apply for Medicaid when I have insurance?
    • Your household size and income make you eligible to receive Medicaid as a secondary coverage. This program may help pay deductibles and out of pocket amounts after your primary insurance coverage.
  • I don’t qualify for Medicaid because I am over income. I applied, and my application was denied. Now can I apply for Financial Assistance?
    • If you are determined “not eligible” for Medicaid, after providing a copy of all required denial documentation, you may complete a financial assistance application.
  • My insurance coverage is Out of Network with Children's Mercy. Can I get help with those bills?
    • Patients who receive services at the Hospital and have an insurance plan that does not include the Hospital in the coverage network are not eligible for financial assistance for those services.
    • Patients with Out of Network insurance plans are encouraged to work with their insurance plan on finding In-Network providers. For more information, please visit our Insurance page.
  • How often do I have to reapply for financial assistance?
    • Financial Assistance is typically offered for one year. However, each family’s situation may be different on approval terms and the type of services approved for financial assistance.
  • My insurance plan won’t pay for my child’s visit because the services are considered elective. Are the services included in my financial assistance approval?
    • Any services deemed by your insurance company as non-medically necessary or elective procedures are not covered by financial assistance. You have the choice to receive those services at Children’s Mercy, but those services will be your financial responsibility.


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