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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Children's Mercy offers one of the longest standing pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery programs in the U.S. Our fellowship-trained surgeons provide evaluations and surgical services for children with congenital and developmental anomalies of the head, neck, and hand. 

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Staff

Our pediatric plastic surgeons provide more reconstructive and cosmetic procedures than other programs in the region. We use a collaborative approach to patient care that includes specialists in nutrition, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, occupational therapy, and genetics.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Programs

Parents can receive prenatal consultations following an ultrasound diagnosis. Our social workers provide family support and access to community resources. Patients also benefit from an innovative blood conservation program, which greatly reduces the need for blood transfusions during surgery. 

Program Highlights

  • We have the largest full-time pediatric plastic surgery program in the U.S.
  • All of our surgeons are fellowship trained, and one surgeon is also double board certified in plastic and oral surgery.
  • Families can preview surgery results through innovative 3D rendering technology.
  • Our surgeons are also trained in multiple subspecialties, including cranio, hand, and microsurgery.
  • Every surgery is attended by a pediatric anesthesiologist who has experience in administering anesthesia precisely for the child's age, size and condition.
  • Patient appointments are available in one of our four locations within 72 hours of request for consultation.


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