Hearing and Speech

The Hearing and Speech Clinic at Children's Mercy provides extraordinary care for diagnostics, early intervention, short-term treatment, teaching, and research. We are dedicated to giving exceptional care through the latest evidence-based practices and procedures, supported by state-of-the-art technology. 


The Audiology Program is part of the Hearing and Speech Clinic at Children's Mercy.

Audiology is a part of science that works with hearing, balance and related problems. Audiologists are health care workers who diagnose, manage and treat hearing problems.

Speech-Language Pathology

The Hearing and Speech Clinic at Children's Mercy provides evaluations, consultations, parent counseling and therapies for children with communication or feeding/swallowing disorders.

A care plan is created based on the evaluation. Parents are asked to observe therapy sessions to learn how to help their children practice at home.

Does My Child Need a Referral?

Many insurance plans need a physician's referral. Keep in mind that state programs and Medicaid plans must approve a child's outpatient visits.

The Hearing and Speech Clinic does not require a referral to see a child, unless the child's insurance company requires the child to have one. It is important for a family to check their insurance coverage. 

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