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Visitor Guidelines

Updated February 22, 2023

Your child's vaccination record

It is important to bring your child’s vaccination (immunization) record to all their Children's Mercy visits and appointments. This includes your child's COVID-19 vaccine card if they have received it.

Parents/guardians: Please do not come to Children's Mercy if you are sick, unless it is urgent.

Masks are required for everyone: To reduce the potential spread of respiratory viruses, masks will be required for all visitors 2 years of age and older, and all visitors must also be free of illness. Please keep number of visitors as low as possible; Emergency Room and Surgery are restricted to two visitors.

Masks with filters/exhalation valves are not permitted. You may bring your own mask. If you do not have one, a mask will be provided for you.

How to Put On and Take Off a Mask

Watch as one of our registered nurses, Claudia, shares how to properly put on and take off your mask when visiting Children's Mercy.

Children's Mercy screening questions

Outpatient appointments: you will be asked the screening questions below on the check-in kiosk upon arrival.

In-patient, Emergency Department and Same Day Surgery visits: the questions below will be posted at the Security check-in for you to review and answer.

  1. In the last 48 hours, have you had:
    • Any cough?
    • Sore throat?
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
    • New loss of taste or smell?
    • Chills or body aches?
  2. In the last 48 hours, have you had:
    • Fever of 100.0 or higher?
  3. Have you had a positive COVID test in the last 10 days?
  4. Are you waiting on a COVID test result for reasons other than pre-travel or pre-procedure/surgery?

A "yes" response to any question is a positive screen and you will be asked to have someone else accompany your child to their appointment or reschedule the appointment.

Inpatient units

For all patients:

  • Universal masking for anyone over the age of 2 remains in place.
  • Visitors will be screened for illness. Visitors who are ill or have a cough, fever, or runny nose will not be allowed to enter any inpatient unit. All non-household contacts must remain in a mask when visiting the patient.
  • Families must wear masks in patient room when staff are present and maintain 6 feet of social distance whenever possible.

For parents who are ill:  

  • If a parent who is must be with a child who is admitted to an inpatient unit, the parent must wear appropriate barriers to prevent spreading infection to others. He/she also will be restricted to their child’s room and from any common areas.
  • If a parent is room-restricted by Infection Prevention and Control, nursing staff will arrange for him/her to have a tray at mealtimes.