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Case Management and Care Coordination

When your child is ill, there is a lot to keep track of and there may be many aspects to manage. It can be confusing and stressful. Maybe your child has multiple providers or needs some extra support in the home. Children’s Mercy Case Management teams are here to help.

Case management is a collaborative practice model including patients, nurses, social workers, physicians, home care, insurance providers, caregivers and the community. Our case management team can help facilitate communication, coordinate resources and referrals, and provide you the tools and guidance to help your child achieve optimal health.

If you could use additional support, have questions about how best to manage your child’s care, or think you could benefit from a case manager, ask your provider or nurse to contact a social worker or a nurse care manager.

What can Case Management do for me?

Our goal is to support patients and families whether your child is hospitalized or at home. In the hospital, you have the assistance of our care managers, social workers, and team coordinators for help with locating community resources, obtaining medical equipment, or connecting with a primary care physician. Our home care team steps in to assist with the transition home from the hospital, providing home nursing and therapies as well as providing the medical equipment and supplies your child needs. Children who have certain Missouri and Kansas Medicaid plans also have access to a team of social workers, nurses, and community resource specialists through the Pediatric Care Network for additional support.

Some questions we can assist with:

  • I have some questions about getting the medication my child was prescribed.

  • I need help obtaining formula for my baby.

  • I need assistance getting to my child’s appointments.

  • I’m overwhelmed – my child has a lot going on and I need help coordinating all of it.

  • My child has several providers, I’m not sure who to call when.

  • My child doesn’t want to take their medications.

  • I’d like assistance coordinating with my child’s school (IEP/504).

  • Does my child qualify for Home Nursing/Home Therapy?

  • Financial concerns – paying for meds/paying for care

  • I need advocacy with my employer for time off to care for my child.

  • I’m worried about my child’s development.

  • I’m not confident about using my child’s equipment.

  • I’m having a hard time getting help with my equipment.

Here's an example of how case management supported a family