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Rehabilitation for Amplified Pain Syndromes
Rehabilitation for Amplified Pain Syndromes

Treatment for Amplified Pain Syndromes

The Rehabilitation for Amplified Pain Syndromes (RAPS) program is a multidisciplinary service that treats children with severe pain and disability. RAPS provides an effective solution for patients who have tried outpatient treatment methods but are still unable to function normally. 

RAPS Programs

The RAPS program typically lasts 3-4 weeks depending on each patient's unique needs. Our staff members guide patients through daily activities to help restore normal function. Activities include intensive physical and occupational therapy, relaxation techniques, stress-management training, and music and therapeutic art. Individual and group therapy is also provided to support patients throughout the program.

RAPS Staff

Our team is specially trained to treat patients with a broad range of complex pain syndromes. Specialists from several clinical areas work together to provide comprehensive patient care. These specialty areas include pediatric rheumatology, physical and occupational therapy, and pediatric psychology.

Program Highlights

  • Our program provides comprehensive treatment for patients experiencing chronic pain.
  • Patients work to restore normal function, including school attendance, playing sports, and socializing. 
  • Patients will learn tools to help relieve emotional distress related to pain as well as how to self-manage pain flares. 
  • Conditions we commonly treat include complex regional pain syndrome, primary juvenile fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, and central pain sensitization syndrome.


Many families stay at the Ronald McDonald house during RAPS, and there are local area hotels that offer discounted hospital rates.  Our clinic social worker is available to help provide information and resources for places to stay during RAPS. Learn more.

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