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The Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellowship at Children's Mercy was accredited in 2008 and remains continually accredited. We are recruiting for 2 fellows per year.

Our program is designed to maintain balance between education and service; humanities and science; and personal and professional satisfaction. This balance will, we believe, encourage our fellows to think broadly while preparing them to make educated career choices that best fit their professional and personal goals.

Our fellowship has historically been smaller than others at centers of similar clinical size, previously accepting one fellow yearly. This has permitted increased attention to the individual needs of our fellows both in their clinical training and academically in their research projects, with a goal of tailoring training for each individual’s needs. With the 2018 recruitment cycle, we increased the number of fellows accepted into the program to two per year. We believe this has not affected our ability to individualize training and fosters the valuable inter-fellow support, training, and camaraderie that comes with larger fellowships. 

Academic Curriculum

Learn more about the curriculum, including didactics, courses, and workshops.

Clinical Experience

Learn about the quality and extent of hands-on experience offered through this fellowship. 


Learn more about the research opportunities and focuses offered during this fellowship.

Faculty and Fellows

Meet the team of fellows and faculty for this fellowship.


Learn more about the impressive locations offered up to academics during this fellowship. 

How to Apply

Learn how to apply for this fellowship to begin the application process. 


Inside Pediatrics: Zei's story

After a mysterious illness ravages Zei’s lungs and leaves her fighting for life, the critical care team re-invents its life support protocols to push the limits of medicine to give her a chance.

Inside Pediatrics: Leah's story

Leah was born with half a heart, and despite several surgeries, it’s failing fast. Cardiac and critical care specialists work to keep her alive, hoping a new heart can be found in time.