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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Here at Children’s Mercy we recognize that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are extremely important and are at the foundation of what we do on a daily basis. We value our diverse patient population and we strive to make our workforce equally as diverse. Increased diversity brings different perspectives and, therefore, enables us to give the best care possible to our patients.

Children’s Mercy Pediatric Residency and Fellowship Programs are committed to recruiting and training a diverse group of pediatric professionals. We embrace diversity in all its forms, including race, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression. We strive to create an inclusive community where all feel welcome and supported.

Our goals:

  • To increase the number of CMH trainees from underrepresented minority groups

  • To provide support and mentorship to underrepresented minority trainees in becoming outstanding clinicians

Where are our trainees from?

Children’s Mercy employee demographics

American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.33%

Asian: 3.57%

Black or African-American: 9.85%

Hispanic or Latino: 5.87%

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.05%

Two or more races: 1.54%

White: 78.80%