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How Simulation Works

Our simulation model offers the latest resuscitation training in the convenience of your own hospital setting. Training is designed to recreate real-life medical crises and situational anxiety for an optimal level of learning. Experienced instructors guide the exercises and provide feedback and correction throughout the process. 

How Simulation Works

After assessing your needs, our staff will customize a curriculum tailored to your objectives. Through the use of scenario-based exercises, training will be delivered in a four-step process that recreates real-world cases.

1. Orientation to the process and technology
2. Simulated scenario (with or without video recording)
3. Facilitated debriefing to identify gaps in learners’ knowledge and skills
4. Reflection and gap closure
This process is highly adaptable to meet a wide variety of clinical needs. Additional complexity can be incorporated through:

  • The use of trained actors/actresses
  • Introduction of deliberate errors
  • Application of makeup, clothing, and other props to enhance realism
  • Transfer of the simulated patient through multiple steps in the continuum of care