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Is telehealth a good choice for my urgent care visit today?

Telehealth is online care. It allows you to have an urgent care visit in your own home. This is convenient but has limits. If you choose telehealth:

  • Your provider may ask you to be seen in person after your telehealth visit to be sure your child receives the best care.
  • And your child has an injury, a telehealth visit can help decide:
    • If X-rays or wound care (such as skin glue, staples, or stitches) are needed.
    • If the injury is more serious and your child needs to be seen in the emergency room.
  • And you are referred from our telehealth to a Children’s Mercy facility on the same day for the same concern, your telehealth bill will be waived after you are seen in person.

We recently added Telehealth Nurse-only Visits that offer testing for strep, flu, urinary tract infections and COVID-19. If a more thorough evaluation is needed, you may be referred to an in-person exam.

Your child needs to be seen in person at one of our Urgent Care locations: 

For health concerns that need an exam not seen on video:

  • Inner ear
  • Throat
  • Lungs
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Your child needs to be seen in the Emergency Room:

For health concerns that require behavior or safety evaluation:

  • Mental health concerns
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Child abuse

For health concerns from a serious injury:

  • Car accident
  • Head injury with loss of consciousness