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Injury and Safety 2.2

Advance trauma-informed education efforts throughout the community

  • Case reviews through State of Kansas 

  • Provided multiple trainings and parenting classes at Kansas City Housing Authority sites 

  • Child advocacy – SCAN Telemedicine Clinic in St. Joe 

  • Partnership for Resilient Families continued development– Combining early childhood education and healthcare delivery at Operation Breakthrough 

  • Established Children’s Mercy Hospital as a “No Hitting Zone” for positive modeling (source: Dr. Lisa Spector, SCAN)- 

  • Presentations from Children’s Mercy experts at local, regional and national meetings 

  • Implemented SEEK Screening Tool with caregivers in the PCC Orange Clinic–psychosocial needs questionnaire

  • Establishment of Trauma-Informed Care Workgroup (last couple of months) 

  • Provided Care Workshops at various community agencies on a monthly basis 

  • Participation in monthly MARC Trauma Matters KC meetings and MARC Trauma-Informed Care Workgroup