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Access 1.6

Continue to provide public policy leadership to ensure that every child has access to quality health care

  • Working in collaboration with the American Telemedicine Association on potential telemedicine reimbursement regulations

  • Serving on the Advisory Board for the Alliance for Connected Care to remove the outdated barriers to remote presence/telemedicine delivery of care

  • Serving on the Planning Committee for MO Telehealth Summit

  • Participating in the expert consortium for the creation of Pediatric Telehealth Guidelines for the American Telemedicine Association

  • Established an “advocacy” rotation for resident training

  • Significant progress in addressing access needs through advocacy efforts, especially for SSI population

    • Advocated to pass Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act of 2014 or, the ACE Kids Act of 2014, H.R. 4930, which will improve quality of care for the 2 million children in Medicaid with multiple, life-threatening disabilities. This legislation allows health care providers to form networks across state lines.

  • Currently advocating to pass the ACE Kids Act for care coordination for medically complex kids on the State Level

  • Continued advocacy for improved Medicaid funding, reimbursement rates, and CHGME funding