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Access 1.5

Develop innovative care delivery options that promote convenient access to pediatric clinical services

  • Additional telemedicine clinics have “gone live” (have list below**)

  • Enhanced language services and are now scheduling around patient need and peak times

  • Remote surgical mentoring (e.g. fetal surgery)

  • Single Visit Surgery

  • Dr. Murphy and Dr. Kayyali maintained consistency of care for their neurology patients by continuing to see them through remote presence technology when they themselves had to be out of the country.

  • Virtual SCAN didactics hosted by Dr. Frazier for the State of Kansas Child Advocacy Centers

  • Children's Mercy remote services (i.e. teleradiology and remote interpretation of EKG, ECHO, EEG, PFT and 1.877.PULSE.OX program for screening CCHD)

  • Awarded KS Health Foundation Grant for Pediatric Healthcare Education r/t 1.877.PULSE OX

  • Enhancements in telephonic and video remote interpreting