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Children’s Mercy Pediatric Podcasts

The Parent-ish podcast: Presented by Children's Mercy Kansas City

Introducing the Parent-ish podcast!

Experts from Children’s Mercy help to answer the little everyday things that parents encounter. For parents of babies, teens and in-betweens, the Parent-ish podcast celebrates the craziness and challenges of parenthood.

Children’s Mercy has created several free podcasts for health care professionals covering topics that are changing pediatric medicine.


Transformational Pediatrics

Transformational Pediatrics features interviews with physicians and researchers at Children’s Mercy Kansas City who are transforming pediatric care through genomic medicine, personalized therapeutics, health services and outcomes research, and innovations in health care delivery.



Pediatrics in Practice

Pediatrics in Practice provides interviews with pediatric subspecialists on timely, relevant content for physicians and providers who care for children.


Pediatric Ethics

Pediatric Ethics provides insights from leaders in pediatric ethics regarding hot topics and current controversies.



Advanced Practice Perspectives

Advanced Practice Perspectives offers interviews on the dynamic, growing role of advanced practice professionals in pediatric subspecialty care.

Neonatology Review: Isolette to Crib | A podcast presented by Children's Mercy Kansas City

Neonatology Review: Isolette to Crib

Preparing for the Neonatology Board Review and staying up to date on all neonatology topics isn’t always easy. Two of our Children’s Mercy neonatologists, Joti Sharma, MD, and Julie Weiner, DO, realized there was an opportunity to provide helpful information. In each episode of Neonatology Review: Isolette to Crib, a different neonatal medicine topic will be discussed with our neonatology experts.



Yellow background with bold black words that read, "Play Healthy KC."

Play Healthy KC

Sports can be a rewarding experience for both the athlete and the parents raising them. It can also come with its fair share of challenges. The Play Healthy KC podcast brings in pediatric-trained specialists from the Children's Mercy Sports Medicine Center to discuss comprehensive care techniques for student-athletes including training, mental therapy and nutrition—so they can be better prepared for a lifetime of sport participation.