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Critically Appraised Topics (CAT) are valuable tools for providers. Unlike a clinical practice guideline, a CAT answers one specific question. The EBP CAT development process follows:

  • Submission of a specific question that emerges from a business or practice scenario.

  • Medical librarians develop a search strategy and perform a literature search.

  • Question originator determines which scientific literature will be appraised and evaluated for validity and applicability; EBP Scholars analyze the identified scientific literature.

  • EBP staff member synthesize the literature.

  • CAT is sent back to the question originator to support or change current practice.

  • CAT is placed on the evidence-based practice website.

To enhance your understanding of GRADE terminology found in the Evidence-Based Practice departments synthesized literature.

Learn how to interpret a forest plot.

Critically Appraised Topics

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Acetaminophen oncology & BMT: Summary October 2019 (PDF)

Acute Otitis Media: Antibiotic Length 2022 (PDF)

Acute Otitis Media: Low Dose Versus High Dose Amoxicillin 2022 (PDF)

Acute Otitis Media: Tympanostomy Antibiotics 2022 (PDF)

Adhesive removers in the ICN: Summary November 2019 (PDF)

Administering intramuscular injections: Summary August 2019 (PDF)

Antibiotic treatment after medical: Summary April 2020 (PDF)

Arterial line catheters: Summary June 2021 (PDF)

Artificial sweeteners: Toews, Lohner, de Gaudry, and Sommer - 2019 (PDF)

Asthma Exacerbation CPG -Albuterol via metered dose inhaler dosing (weight-based vs. age-based dosing) 2022 (PDF)

Asthma Exacerbation CPG - Dexamethasone vs. prednisolone dosing for acute asthma exacerbation in children 2022 (PDF)


Behavioral changes with Red Dye 40: Summary November 2011 (PDF)

Behavioral health: Summary June 2020 (PDF)

Bladder scanners in the ICN: Summary May 2020 (PDF)

Bronchiolitis: Albuterol Use 2023 (PDF)

Bronchiolitis: Hypertonic Saline 2023 (PDF)

Bronchiolitis: Oral Feeding for Hospitalized Patients 2023 (PDF)


Cardiopulmonary bypass temperature monitoring: Summary October 2019 (PDF)

Changing central line adapters: Summary December 2018 (PDF)

Chest tube clearance: Summary October 2018 (PDF)

Cleaning high touch areas: Summary February 2018 (PDF)

Code strong screening instrument: Summary December 2019 (PDF)

Community acquired pneumonia antibiotic treatment duration: Summary December 2023 (PDF)

Creatine supplement in concussions: Summary July 2021 (PDF)

Croup CPM - In patients 6 months to 6 years of age with croup (viral laryngotracheitis) seen in an acute care setting or emergency department (ED), which patient characteristics are indicative for hospital admis 2022 (PDF)

Croup CPM - Observation time post racemic epinephrine dosing in children with croup 2022 (PDF)


Dairy intake and body composition: Summary November 2018 (PDF)

DCN influencing incentive spriometry use: Summary December 2018 (PDF)

Dexamethasone and brain tumors: Summary May 2020 (PDF)

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Continuous Glucose Monitors 2022 (PDF)

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Fluids 2022 (PDF)

Direct care nurses (DCN) as antimicrobial stewards: Summary December 2018 (PDF)


Effects of trauma informed care on DCN: Summary December 2018 (PDF)

Endoscope cleaning: Summary February 2015 (PDF)

ESI score for dislodged g-tubes: Summary November 2019 (PDF)


Fish oil and concussions: Summary March 2021 (PDF)


Gastric residuals: Summary November 2019 (PDF)

Gastric Sleeve ERAS - Ketorolac in gastric bypass patients and risk of bleeding 2021 (PDF)

Gastric Sleeve ERAS - Use of Transverse Abdominal Plane (TAP) blocks and reduction of pain in laparoscopic gastric bypass patient 2021 (PDF)


High-flow nasal cannula (HFNC): Summary January 2018 (PDF)

Human milk-derived fortifier use in very low birth weight infants; summary August 2021 (PDF)


Infrared thermometers: Summary October 2020 (PDF)

Initiating enteral feedings after medical NEC: Summary April 2020 (PDF)

Isolation needs for patients with ESBL: Summary April 2020 (PDF)


Kangaroo mother care: Summary February 2018 (PDF)


Lean education strategies: Summary December 2018 (PDF)

Low lactose formula in neonatal abstinence syndrome: Summary February 2021 (PDF)

Low/non-fat dairy: Summary January 2018 (PDF)


Mouthwash and oral care oncology: Summary May 2020 (PDF)

Multi-use books in waiting rooms: Summary January 2020 (PDF)


Nail polish use and bacteria in the hands of the healthcare worker: Summary January 2022 (PDF)

Nasogastric/orogastric tube length estimation/verification: Summary January 2020 (PDF)


Pancrelipase use with eating disorders: Summary June 2021 (PDF)

Parent personal protective equipment: Summary July 2019 (PDF)

Pressure injury risk assessment: Summary 2021 (PDF)

Prevention of unplanned extubations in the ICN: Summary January 2018 (PDF)


Respiratory scores: Summary June 2020 (PDF)


Safe to sleep: Summary July 2019 (PDF)

Saline vs heparin to lock central lines and effect on line-associated complications: Summary January 2022 (PDF)

Skin Soft Tissue Infection: Antibiotics for Abscesses 2021 (PDF)

SSI postoperative surgical bundle: Summary June 2020 (PDF)

STI CPG - Screening considerations for patients with sexually transmitted infections 2021 (PDF)

Surgical preparation solution dry time: Summary July 2019 (PDF)

Surgical site infection colon surgery: Summary April 2019 (PDF)

Surgical site infection prevention - timing of preoperative vancomycin administration: Summary August 2020 (PDF)


Thermometers: Summary December 2018 (PDF)

Trach go bag: Summary December 2018 (PDF)


Use of donor breast milk and donor milk derived human milk fortifier in the ICN: Summary February 2018 (PDF)


Vestibular disorders testing: Summary March 2020 (PDF)


Workplace violence in the ED: Summary January 2020 (PDF)

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Archived Critically Appraised Topics

Critical Appraisal Topics in this area are over six years old, and new evidence may have emerged that could alter the review’s findings

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Aquatic therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy: Summary February 2015 (PDF)


Breastfeeding implications on obesity: Summary June 2013 (PDF)

Bronchiolitis: Racemic Epinephrine 2016 (PDF)


Central line flushing solution efficacy: Summary February 2015 (PDF)

CHG vs. standard bathing: Summary January 2014 (PDF)

Cleansing agent utilization efficacy prior to foley insertion: Summary October 2014 (PDF)

Community acquired pneumonia antibiotic treatment length: Summary December 2020

Constraint-induced movement therapy efficacy: Summary September 2013 (PDF)


Discharge readiness: Summary December 2017 (PDF)

Dr. Brown baby bottles: Summary October 2017 (PDF)


ECPR: Summary September 2017 (PDF)

EEG lead safety: Summary December 2015 (PDF)

Electromagnetic interference on medical devices: Summary September 2012 (PDF)

Emergency contraception: Summary April 2016 (PDF)


Frenulectomy: Summary January 2016 (PDF)


Hypercholesterolemia and dietary stanols and/or sterols: Summary August 2012 (PDF)


Implications of not consuming organic foods: Summary January 2012 (PDF)

In the child with an irritable hip: Summary September 2014 (PDF)

Intermittent straight urinary catheterization in children with neurogenic bladder: Summary October 2017 (PDF)


Latex versus silicone urinary catheter safety: Summary November 2013 (PDF)


Negative pressure wound therapy efficacy: Summary June 2011 (PDF)

Newly licensed registered nurse residency program: Summary November 2012


Omega-3 fatty acid (n3 FA) supplementation for serum lipids: Summary September 2014 (PDF)

OR traffic: Summary September 2016 (PDF)

Ototopical quinolones versus ototopical aminoglycosides for suppurative otitis media and acute otitis externa: Summary August 2016 (PDF)


Petroleum product utilization with oxygen therapy: Summary September 2013 (PDF)

PIV infiltration scale: Summary December 2015 (PDF)

Plasmablade: Summary September 2016 (PDF)


Reuse of reprocessed single use devices: Summary June 2017 (PDF)


SCC endoscope disinfection: Summary February 2016 (PDF)

Standardizing bedside nursing handoffs: Summary October 2016 (PDF)

Suicide observation: Summary April 2018 (PDF)


Urinary catheter efficacy, cost effectiveness, and antimicrobial resistance: Summary May 2013 (PDF)


Ventilator associated pneumonia bundle efficacy: Summary August 2012 (PDF)

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