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Critically appraised topics (CAT) are valuable tools for providers. Unlike a clinical practice guideline, a CAT answers one specific question. The EBP CAT development process follows:

  • Submission of a specific question that emerges from a business or practice scenario

  • Medical librarians develop a search strategy and perform a literature search

  • Question originator determines which scientific literature will be appraised and evaluated for validity and applicabilityEBP Scholars' analyze the identified scientific literature

  • EBP staff member synthesize the literature

  • CAT is categorized as a business, clinical, or patient safety CAT and placed on the evidence based practice website

  • CAT is sent back to the question originator to support or change current practice

To enhance your understanding of GRADE terminology found in the Evidence-Based Practice departments synthesized literature.

Learn how to interpret a forest plot.

Clinical Critically Appraised Topics