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Family Education

Provider talking points

When there is a concern that a child may be at risk for sepsis, it’s important to start communicating with the family. Here are some talking points to share with parents/caregivers.

  • Our staff is going to take some time to meet as a team to review (child’s name) current condition.

  • One of the team’s concerns is that (child’s name) may be at risk for having sepsis.

  • Sepsis is the body’s response to infection. It can cause damage to its own tissue and organs. It needs to be treated as quickly as possible.

  • We want to identify patients at risk as soon as possible.

  • The team is concerned for sepsis due to (child’s name) current signs and symptoms of…

  • We are going to follow the guidelines of how to best treat (child’s name) in a timely manner.

  • Please feel free to ask us any questions.

  • As a family member you are an important part of (child’s name) team because you know him/her best. Please tell us if you notice anything different in his/her condition.

These guidelines do not establish a standard of care to be followed in every case. It is recognized that each case is different and those individuals involved in providing health care are expected to use their judgment in determining what is in the best interests of the patient based on the circumstances existing at the time. It is impossible to anticipate all possible situations that may exist and to prepare guidelines for each. Accordingly these guidelines should guide care with the understanding that departures from them may be required at times.