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e-SWAB Culture Results

If any of the organisms in the table below (potential pathogens for eyes) resulted on the GC e-SWAB culture are present, lab will issue a report as shown on the right column with a comment to notify them if further ID/susceptibility are needed by the clinician.

Potential Pathogen

Report on Eye Culture for GC

Haemophilus influenzae

Presumptive Haemophilus sp.*

Staphylococcus aureus

Presumptive S. aureus*

Streptococcus pneumoniae

Streptococcus pneumoniae

Streptococcus pyogenes

Streptococcus pyogenes

Streptococcus agalactiae 

Streptococcus agalactiae 



Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Presumptive Pseudomonas sp.*

Report with comment to notify Microbiology Lab if identification and/or susceptibilities needed.

Organisms consistent with normal skin flora (coag neg staph, viridans strep, Neisseria/Moraxella sp, diphtheroids, and so on) will NOT be reported on GC e-SWAB culture results. If the provider would like the lab to report these organisms then an Add On test for Aerobic culture would need to be ordered.

These guidelines do not establish a standard of care to be followed in every case. It is recognized that each case is different and those individuals involved in providing health care are expected to use their judgment in determining what is in the best interests of the patient based on the circumstances existing at the time. It is impossible to anticipate all possible situations that may exist and to prepare guidelines for each. Accordingly these guidelines should guide care with the understanding that departures from them may be required at times.