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Ethics Committee Brown Bag Workshop Schedule

Time: Noon-1 p.m.


Title of Presentation


Aug. 24, 2021
Microsoft Teams

The Ethics of Pediatric Pain Management Adam C. Booser, MD
Director of Comprehensive Pain Management, Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia, CMKC

Sept. 28, 2021
Microsoft Teams

Narrative COVID-19:
An Introductory Write-Read-Reflect
Narrative Experience
Lorraine Dickey, MD, MBA, FAAP
Founder/CEO, Lead Narrative Facilitator, The Narrative Initiative, LLC
Staff Neonatologist, Locum Tenens, St. Vincent’s Healthcare, Billings, MT
Oct. 26, 2021
Microsoft Teams
Launching into the Equity Atmosphere: The Role of Nursing Ethics
Nursing Ethics Forum
Nov. 23, 2021
Microsoft Teams
Conceptual and Practical Insights about
Trauma Informed Care from
Children’s Mercy Healthcare Professionals
Patty Davis, LSCSW, LCSW, IMH-E(III), Program Manager, Trauma Informed Care, Department of Social Work, CMKC
Panelists: Brian Carter, MD; Dena Hubbard, MD; John Lantos, MD; Tiffany Willis, PsyD
Dec. 28, 2021
Microsoft Teams
TBD Lindsey Vaughn, MS, RD, CSP, LD
Clinical Nutrition Specialist IV, Nutrition Department