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Physical and Occupational Therapy Outpatient Attendance Policy

Thank you for choosing Children’s Mercy to provide your child’s therapy services. After your child’s evaluation, your therapist will discuss your child’s therapy plan and have you schedule follow-up appointments if needed. Regular attendance is important to promote progress toward his/her therapy goals. Here are a few important things for you to know.

Our promise to you:

If you arrive and check-in at least 10 minutes before your appointment time, we promise to start your therapy session within 5 minutes of the scheduled appointment time.

Your promise to us:

Your child’s success depends on attending every therapy session and arriving on time. We ask that you cancel appointments as soon as you are aware you are not able to attend so those appointments can be used by other families. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is requested and greatly appreciated. Below are some ways to cancel your appointment:

  • Call the therapy location directly. Our phones are answered 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday.
  • Online Patient Portal: If you haven’t signed up for this service, please ask for information during registration at your next appointment.

  • Reminder phone call: You have the option to receive an automated reminder phone call 48 hours prior to your child’s appointment. You can request to cancel your appointment from this message. 

  • Reminder text message: You have the option to receive an automated text message appointment reminder. You can request to cancel you appointment from the text.

Cancel/No-Show Policy

  • If you miss 2 consecutive appointments without notifying us prior to the appointment time OR
  • If you miss 3 consecutive appointments with or without notification

Your child’s future appointments will be canceled. If you wish to continue therapy, you may call to schedule additional follow-up appointments one at a time. If you fail to contact us within 2 weeks, you will be discharged from therapy and will need to obtain a new prescription to return to therapy.

  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for 3 consecutive appointments, your therapist will re-evaluate your timeslot. Options will be discussed in regards to different times, days, and/or possible discharge.

Thank you for helping us make your therapy a success. Our primary goal is to help your child in reaching their goals. Your participation and attendance is critical in the therapy success.