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Essential oils

Children’s Mercy inpatients have the option of using essential oil patches as a way to help with comfort and pain relief. The patches, available in four scents, are placed on the child’s clavicle or gown to allow the child to inhale the aroma without affecting others in the area who might be sensitive to the smells from a diffuser.

Kids can choose from one of the following scents, which can help address their comfort concern:

  • Mandarin (upset stomach, irritability and restlessness)

  • Spearmint (upset stomach, urinary retention)

  • Lavender (muscle tension, irritability and restlessness)

  • Peppermint (upset stomach, muscle tension, urinary retention) 

A certified aromatherapist oversees the program, and nurses receive training on safe and appropriate use of essential oils. While the use of essential oils is not intended to replace medications or medical treatment, many children find comfort and relief from the stress of a hospital stay by using the oils.