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Bylaws for Hem-Onc Teen Advisory Council



  • Members are 13-21 years old and currently patients in the Division of Hematology/Oncology/BMT.

  • The board consists of a minimum of four members.

  • Meeting facilitators include the AYA Program Coordinator, AYA Medical Director, and Child Life Manager.

  • Members should not miss more than 60% of meetings due to unexcused absences.

  • Members display mutually respectful behaviors at all times.

  • Members will maintain good attendance and good effort at school.



  • The board meets once per month on the 2nd Monday evening of each month. There may be additional meetings/changes in meeting dates/times due to special events.

  • The meetings will be an hour in length at a predetermined location.

  • The meeting agenda and minutes will be distributed to all appropriate individuals.

Parental involvement 


  • Parents support their teen’s involvement in the Hem/Onc Teen Board.

  • The parent(s) assumes responsibility for transportation to the meetings/activities. 

  • A parent authorization form allowing pictures of the board members will be signed. These pictures may be used for various projects or publicity.

Member recommendations

Member recommendations are received from Children’s Mercy personnel. All recommendations must go through the HOT application process. Qualities to consider when making recommendations are:

  • Amount and type of hospital or clinic experience

  • The teen’s willingness to express feelings, ask questions, and share ideas.

  • The parent’s commitment to support their teen in this group and to provide transportation for their teen to and from the meetings.

  • The teen’s ability to maintain interest in monthly meetings.

  • The teen has good attendance and makes good effort at school.