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Bylaws for Food Allergy Patient Family Advisory Council

Application process

In order to achieve a diverse representation and work towards our mission the Council has created an application process for potential members. The Food Allergy Patient Family Advisory Council will review all new applications at monthly meetings. Council will then vote to fill available seats.


The council will strive for membership of no less than 5 constant patient/family members and no more than 12 patient/family members at any given time. Children’s Mercy staff are non-voting members. 


Commit to serve on the Food Allergy Patient Family Advisory Council for a minimum of 2 years. Terms begin at approval of application. Members will consist parents and caregivers of child/children with food allergies who attend or have attended Children’s Mercy Clinics.


Consistent and active attendance is vital to the purpose of the Council. Each member is strongly encouraged to attend and participate in all FAPFAC meetings and conference calls. Council members are required to attend 50% of the scheduled meetings within a 12 month period either in-person or phone/videoconference. It will be assumed all members will be in attendance. If a member cannot attend, out of courtesy for the group he/she will notify council as soon as possible via email. Meetings are subject to be canceled or rescheduled if majority of members are unavailable. A quorum of 50% either in person or electronically (or a combination) is required to vote on issues. All decisions that require a vote need a simple majority to pass. Two meetings a year may be on conference calls.

Officer elections

Council members can nominate themselves or other members for leadership roles. Officer elections will begin in April 2016. Elections will be held every April as terms will be limited to a year with a one-time renewal option.


Organize and lead meetings, including defining agenda and action items. The Chair will be the FAPFAC representative at official meetings when needed.


Support the Chair in his/her duties including serving as acting Chair during the Chair’s absence, record minutes, track the member volunteer hours associated with this FAPFAC and submit them to Children’s Mercy.

Member expectations

The council will serve as an action-oriented group, with expectations of time investment outside of the meetings. However, it is important to note that this council will not meet the needs and capacity of a Support group.

Members will:

  • Serve as an advisory resource to administration and staff of the Food Allergy Center and its programs

  • Advocate for research, education, and clinical programs to improve the quality and accessibility of care

  • Assist in the development and review of educational materials.

  • Help create and strengthen community awareness of food allergies.

  • Respectfully listen and tactfully discuss ideas, issues and concerns.

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of other council members, Food Allergy patients/their families and all staff

  • Actively participate with expectations of time investment outside of the meetings

Bylaws will be reviewed on a regular basis once Council is fully functioning. Any articles of these Bylaws may be added, deleted, or amended by majority of the vote of at least 2/3 of the council.