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Bylaws for Beacon Patient Family Advisory Council

Beacon Program’s Mission

Provide a patient- and family-centered primary care medical home for children with medical complexity and their siblings. Our team communicates with health care providers in clinics, hospitals, schools, and at home to coordinate care and assist with transition throughout the health care system, while supporting the entire family unit.

PFAC Mission Statement

The Beacon PFAC will work in partnership with the Children’s Mercy staff members to advocate on behalf of families for the best quality of care. The council will serve as a resource for parents or guardians to provide input on policies and procedures, enhance communication, and expand education for patients and families in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Application Process

In order to achieve a diverse representation and work towards our mission the Council has created an application process for potential members. The Patient Family Advisory Council will review all new applications at quarterly meetings. Council will then vote on membership.


The council will strive for membership of no less than 7 family members and no more than 21 family members at any given time on the primary Council. Sub-committees are made of no fewer than 4 and no more than 6 family members. Children’s Mercy staff are non-voting members.


Commit to serve on the Beacon Patient Family Advisory Council for a minimum of 2 years. Terms begin at approval of application. At the end of a two year term, members who have met membership qualification may be invited to serve another two year term. Members will consist of parents and caregivers of child/children who receive services within the Beacon Program.


Consistent and active attendance is vital to the purpose of the Council. Each member is strongly encouraged to attend and participate in all PFAC meetings and conference calls. Council members are required to attend 50% of the PFAC meetings within a 12 month period either in-person or phone/videoconference. Council meetings shall be quarterly (4 each year). It will be assumed all members will be in attendance. If a member cannot attend, out of courtesy for the group he/she will notify (identified staff) as soon as possible via email or phone. Meetings are subject to be canceled or rescheduled if majority of members are unavailable. A quorum of 50% of the total membership, either in person or electronically (or a combination), is required to vote on issues. All decisions that require a vote need a simple majority to pass.

Officer Elections

Council members can nominate themselves or other members for leadership roles. Elections will be held every June as terms will be limited to a year with a one-time renewal option.


Organize and lead meetings, including defining agenda and action items. The Chair will be the PFAC representative at official meetings when needed.


Support the Chair in his/her duties including serving as acting Chair during the Chair’s absence, record minutes, track the member volunteer hours associated with this PFAC and submit them to Family Centered Care (FCC) Program Managers.

Member Expectations

The council will serve as an action oriented group, with expectations of time investment outside of the meetings. However, it is important to note that this council will not meet the needs and capacity of a support group. Agendas of regular council meetings will include reviewing and improving existing processes and report summaries from the sub-committees.

Members will:

  • Serve as an advisory resource to administration and staff.

  • Advocate for education, and clinical programs to improve the quality and accessibility of care.

  • Assist in the development and review of educational materials.

  • Respectfully listen and tactfully discuss ideas, issues and concerns.

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of council members, their families and all staff.

  • Actively participate with expectations of time investment outside of the meetings.


Patient Experience

The purpose of this subcommittee is to obtain, rapid, real-time, feedback from a smaller group of family advisors, using general scenarios, specifically to improve the clinic visit and improve communication between the family and Beacon. It is the goal to obtain both positive and constructive feedback regarding Beacon.

Additional sub-committees

Additional sub-committees may be formed depending on the needs and goals of the Beacon PFAC.

Any amendments to this Charter can be added, deleted, or amended by majority of the vote of at least 2/3 of the Council. It will also be reviewed annually by the Beacon team and recommendations made to the Council for updates, which also will be voted upon.

I. Authors: Matt Kafka and Ingrid Larson

II. Reviewers:

a. Scott Colliton
b. Emily Goodwin
c. Edie Roderick
d. Jessica Nichols
e. Michele Hamilton
f. Alecia Hefter
g. Colette Liles
h. Courtney Borgman
i. Patti Pepple
j. Amanda Textor
k. Lindsey Vaughn
l. Krista Caton
m. Leslee Belzer
n. Alannah Yoder
o. Family Centered Care Department
p. PFAC members

III. Approval:

Date Approved: 3/7/18
Original Approval Date: 3/7/18