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Original & Medical Versions

This educational program was designed to assist investigators, social workers, and health care providers understand the mechanisms of severe injuries sustained by infants and young children.

understanding of the forces, characteristics, and expected symptoms associated with each injury is key to the evaluation and ultimate determination of abuse likelihood.

This DVD teaches investigators and clinicians what information and details are needed to address the questions, "Is this injury suspicious for abuse? What tests and information do I need to address this possibility?"

Two versions of the program are available.

The original version is specifically tailored to law enforcement and children's protective services investigators and lawyers. The "medical version" is aimed at physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. The medical version includes additional sections and a 50 question quiz.


This is a short preview of the types of information available on this DVD.

Each segment describes a specific injury, e.g. transverse fracture of the femur, and includes animations demonstrating one or more scenarios that reasonably explain the injury.

Each injury section includes radiographs, associated clinical findings, diagnostic test data, and video clips of both accidental and inflicted mechanisms of injury to assist the clinician and investigator in determining the need for further evaluation of abuse.

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